Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Dazzling Intelligence by Allen Ginsberg

"The Dazzling Intelligence

Migrates from Death
To make a sign of Life again to you
Fierce and beautiful as a car crash
in the Plaza de Armas

I swear that I have seen that Light
I will not fail to kiss your hideous cheek
when your coffin's closed

And the human mourners go back
to their old tired

And you wake in the Eye of the
Dictator of the Universe.

Another stupid miracle! I'm
mistaken again!
Your indifference! My enthusiasm!
I insist! You cough!
Lost in the wave of Gold that
flows thru the Cosmos.

Agh I'm tired of insisting! Goodbye,
I'm going to Pucallpa
to have Visions.
Your clean sonnets?
I want to read your dirtiest
secret scribblings,
your Hope,
in His Obscene Magnificence. My God!

May 19, 1960
Allen Ginsberg"


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