Thursday, April 13, 2006

"The human race, whose nature it is to resist God, does not cease to ask how it may, by its own efforts, escape the pitfalls which it has laid fro itself. But it does not ask help from Him on whom alone depends every gift of mercy. Hence it has come about that men have built for themselves a great Workshop on the left-hand side of the road . . . presided over by Industry. After this has been attained, they turn aside from Industry and bend their steps towards the second region of the world, making their crossing on the bridge of infirmity . . . But because the good God desires to draw them back, He allows their infirmities to rule over them; then, seeking as before a remedy in themselves, they flock to the great Hospital likewise built on the left, presided over by Medicine."

Gerard Dorn, Speculativae Philosophiae

[as quoted in The Archtypes And The Collective Unconscious by C.G. Jung]


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